STEP 01. Great Online Video To Generate More Customers

Having video on your website is no longer an option – it’s a must. The internet has become a multi media experience. Your customers expect to see video when they interact with your business online. A silent website is perceived as dull and outdated and will lose you customers.

Using video marketing is essential for you to quickly build the ‘know/like/trust’ factor. Effective use of video places you at a massive advantage over your competitors – instead of a faceless business, you’re now someone who has a face and a voice – and is answering the questions in the prospective customer’s mind.

When you turn your website into a video experience not only do you win more business, but you are perceived as an expert in your field.

When customers arrive at your site and see a video, two things immediately happen:

First, your company gains instant authority. You are able to position yourself and your business above the competition as the trusted experts in your industry. That authority increases sales and allows you to engage in premium pricing (the ability to charge prices higher than your competitors). Second, you get and keep your visitor’s attention. This is critical. 50% of people leave the typical website within 8 seconds. They leave because static words and pictures are no longer enough. As customers we’re looking for the multi-media experience that video offers. Your videos will keep your visitors’ attention and because they stay watching, you now have the time to explain what you are offering in full. This increases sales and enquiries. You can use your videos for ‘lead generation’ – to begin a relationship with your potential customers. As part of your Complete Digital Marketing System, we will work on two high definition videos for you.

We’ll also write the scripts and you’ll approve these prior to filming.


  • Produce 2 high definition videos for you, each 60 seconds long (the optimum length for online video)
  • Marketing focused videos to increase sales
  • Lead generation videos to promote your Report
  • Your business YouTube channel
  • Integrate the videos into your new Lead Generation Site

STEP 02. Turning Visitors Into Buyers

Here is a shocking statistic. Please read it carefully because the future of your business may depend on how you deal with it. 99% of people who visit a typical business website leave without buying anything or making contact with the business.

In other words, you could be losing 99% of the potential customers who visit your site.

Your customers have become so used to ‘surfing’ the web, they’ve trained themselves to just glance at your website before moving on to the next one.

The biggest challenge with your website is not the design – it’s getting the visitor to STOP and begin a relationship with you.

Here’s how we achieve this…

Before any purchasing decision is made, your potential customer wants information. The higher the price, the more complex the decision or the more choices there are, the more information they need. The company that willingly and freely gives the prospect the most helpful information is most likely to win the business over their competitors.

The most effective way of getting someone to stay on your site and begin a relationship with you, is to offer them something of high value – and the very best thing you can offer is free but valuable information. So what sort of information do you send the prospect? Not a brochure – that’s clearly sales literature and will go straight into the bin.

It has to be something of high perceived value that demonstrates your professionalism and expertise but at the same time persuasively and subtly convinces that prospect that you are the ONLY alternative.

A smartly designed and well written ‘Top Tips’ report, with your name on the front as the author, is proven to be the most effective way by far of educating your prospects and turning them into customers.

And if the report is written professionally, by an expert copywriter, it will do all the selling for you – so that you don’t have to.

Sounds like a lot of work? IT IS. Which is why we do the whole thing for you!

The report is automatically sent to anyone who registers on your website and you can follow up the same day to make sure it’s arrived. This isn’t a sales call – it’s the author of the report calling to make sure it arrived safely. Naturally and easily you can ask what prompted the request – and identify your prospect’s requirements – without having to sell!

This approach of building a relationship with ‘Permission Marketing’ is transformational – even more so in a competitive market.

Alternatively, a “One Time Only” offer voucher can get amazing results – especially if you are an ecommerce business.

The voucher can be instantly downloaded in return for the visitor’s contact details and not only does this add another person to your prospect database, it encourages an immediate purchase.


  • We interview you to create your report. Our copywriter will interview you for up to 60 minutes on the telephone
  • We will record your interview
  • We will write, edit and proofread the report for you
  • You will receive the proof and make any edits or amendments
  • We will create a powerful title for your report
  • We will design the report
  • The report will be set up in the email marketing autoresponder system to be sent out instantly to everyone who requests it
  • We can also design a One Time Offer voucher for immediate download included in the report.

STEP 03. New Customer Acquisition Site

Most websites are extremely ineffective at doing this, which is why at the core of the The Complete Digital Marketing System is a brand new New Customer Acquisition Site – specifically designed to turn website visitors into real, live prospects!

We’ll write the copy, create the pages – even host it for you – you need not worry about anything technical. By the way, even if you don’t have a website, this part of the The Complete Digital Marketing System is worth at least $1,000 to you.

The purpose of this site is to turn visitors from Google AdWords (and other promotional activities) into prospects for your company.

We’ll even set up the email marketing system and write the promotional emails for a follow up sequence for you –meaning that your digital marketing system generates new leads and markets to them on an ongoing basis – without any involvement from you.

We’ll take the videos that we film and put them on the New Customer Acquisition Site for you along with new copy and although there are never any guarantees with Google rankings, this follows ‘best practice’ for getting a site ranked highly in Google – meaning more organic traffic and zero cost leads.

This New Customer Acquisition Site is an essential part of The Complete Digital Marketing System and as we take care of everything, you don’t have to go searching for web designers and developers – saving you even more time and money.


  • Make sure that you have a clear, compelling offer for your prospects
  • Create powerful sales driven copy that will maximise your response
  • Integrate your new videos into the pages
  • Have a clear ‘call to action’
  • Ensure that the colours and graphics on the page maximise response
  • Link the data capture form to your New Customer Acquisition Website and to your email marketing system.

STEP 04. Email Marketing Made Easy

When you have the contact details of the most interested visitors you can market to them via email – quickly and efficiently and extremely profitably. Imagine if I told you that there were 50 potential customers in the room next to you. You’d want to meet them, wouldn’t you?

Your New Customer Acquisition Site isn’t there just to look pretty. Your New Customer Acquisition Site is there to fulfil one primary objective – to turn visitors into potential customers and to turn potential customers into paying customers.

In fact, I’d bet that if you could speak to them, many would understand why your company would be the best choice.

Now what if I told you that those 50 people had just left and I had no idea who they were. You wouldn’t be too happy, would you? Well, that’s what is happening on your website every day.

People come, look and go…

You know that your website gets some visitors, but you’re powerless to speak or interact with them.

The key to solving this problem is something called
‘data capture’. Data capture is where you offer something free of charge on the main pages of your website in return for visitors’ contact details. It has to be something of value that will make the serious visitor tell you who they are.

You might think that a newsletter sign-up box is the same thing. It isn’t.

A newsletter is probably the least effective thing you could possibly do. Newsletters are perceived as boring and don’t work anymore.

We have run scores of tests to discover the very best way of turning a website visitor into someone who identifies themselves as someone interested in what you sell.

Now that you have the email address of your prospects you can use email marketing to contact these people again and again.

We’ll set it all up for you and the email marketing system can send as many emails as you want – as often as you want.


  • We connect the New Customer Acquisition Site to an easy to use email marketing system
  • We do all the technical work and test it thoroughly
  • We create custom fields to capture first names, email addresses and telephone numbers
  • We give you the form to use on your existing website so you can capture leads from there too – making your site a more effective lead generation tool

STEP 05. Email Marketing Follow-Up Sequence

We’ve set up the email marketing software for you and integrated it into your New Customer Acquisition Site (see step 3).

Now you’ve got to find the time to sit down and write the emails to send out to follow up on your growing database of new prospects.

A follow up sequence is absolutely essential as there is a direct correlation between the number of times you communicate with your prospects and the relationship you have with them – the relationship that precedes the purchase from your company.

This can take days and days and with some copywriters charging up to $2,000 a day, this becomes an expensive AND time consuming task.

As part of The Complete Digital Marketing System, our copywriting team will create a six week follow up email sequence, that you can use year after year with new prospects and update any time you want.

Each follows the rules of best email marketing practice:

  • A curiosity/attention grabbing subject line
  • A strong call to action
  • Punchy, compelling body copy

Not only will we write them, we’ll load them into the email marketing software to go out automatically once a week – therefore selling your company’s services even when you’re too busy to think about marketing or even when you are on holiday.


  • Create an email marketing follow up sequence
  • Subject line creation
  • Call to action on each email
  • Short copy for maximum readability on mobile devices
  • Direct response-style copy
  • All set up in an auto responder sequence for you so that you don’t have to remember to send them out

STEP 06. Online Marketing With An “Explainer Video”

A new development in online marketing is your ability, as a business owner, to utilise YouTube to promote your company to prospective customers who are watching videos on subjects connected to your product or service.

For example, if you sell pet food, you can promote your pet food to people watching animal care videos.

You need an eye-catching, highly graphical video that sells the benefit of your company in less than sixty seconds. In this case, a ‘talking head’ isn’t ideal you need an ‘explainer video’ and one of the most effective types is a ‘hand-drawn & character animation’ style.

You can use this on YouTube and as a video advert to appear in front of related videos. If you want to you can ask your web designer to incorporate it into your existing site.


  • Script the explainer video with a clear call to action
  • Create the video and add voiceover
  • Create the YouTube campaign
  • Add the ability to remarket with this video
  • Launch the campaign

STEP 07. Facebook for Business

One of the biggest challenges in marketing your business online is finding your way through the clutter and confusion of social media, to just concentrate on what works.

The Complete Digital Marketing System focuses on the two key social marketing elements that your business MUST have.

50% of the population spends an average 25 minutes each day on Facebook. That means at least half of your potential customers are likely to check out your Facebook presence before they do business with you. If you don’t have a Facebook business page or it doesn’t look right, you will lose that new business immediately.

We will create your Facebook business page for you. It will reflect instant professionalism and authority. If you already have a Facebook business page, we will update and redesign it using proven customer attraction methodologies.

The hardest part of Facebook marketing is writing new posts – on a regular basis. We’ll do that for you and create a year’s worth of weekly posts that drive traffic back to your new lead generation microsite to download their free Report (that we’ve written for you too!).


  • Design your Facebook business page to integrate with your current site and branding
  • Input key information into your Facebook business page
  • Create content rich posts

STEP 08. Winning New Customers – Your Personalised Lead Generation Strategy

Generating new leads is at the heart of every marketing campaign. However the approach is different according to whether you sell B2B or B2C, sell nationally, internationally or locally.

The marketing team at HighClicks will create your Marketing Strategy Document, based on your Internet Marketing Strategy Meeting and on the conversation you have with our copywriter.

Your Marketing Strategy Document will contain at least 10 ways to generate new business leads for your company, both online and offline.

Some of the strategies we have recommended include:

  • Facebook marketing and content
  • Linkedin marketing and content
  • AdWords
  • Lead generation niche magazine advertising
  • Strategic Ventures
  • Leveraging PR opportunities in local, national and niche media
  • Direct mail to purchased lists
  • Telemarketing follow up
  • Consultations
  • Local, regional and national radio advertising
  • Email marketing to opted in lists
  • Flyer distribution
  • Tradeshows and Exhibitions
  • Referral Strategies
  • Video marketing strategies
  • Social media relations
  • Content marketing

We will create a Marketing Strategy Document with our opinion on the very best ways to generate new sales enquiries for your product/service and show you how these tie into The Complete Digital Marketing System.


  • Look for the best marketing strategies for your business
  • Write them up into a plan
  • Deliver the Marketing Strategy Document to you
  • Support you as you integrate these strategies into your business

STEP 09. The Power Of Re-Marketing

Re-Marketing is one of the most dramatic and profitable internet marketing breakthroughs of recent years.

Every business should be doing Re-Marketing. Here’s why:

Until now, there was no way of reaching people who visited your website and didn’t buy from you or contact you.

That’s a huge problem because 99% of people leave most websites without buying or making contact. So, as a business owner, you could be losing a staggering 99% of potential customers and if this is AdWords traffic, there is the additional cost of the traffic to be factored in.

Re-Marketing changes all that…

With Re-Marketing, when someone visits your website, they go into the Re-Marketing system. Then, when they visit other websites in the days and weeks ahead, they see banner ads for your business. These ads can be served on some of the world’s most prestigious websites, including national newspapers.

So suddenly, your potential customers are seeing you everywhere. It gives you immediate credibility and the ability to target your customers with laser precision. Best of all, because these ads are only being served to the people who’ve been to your site, the costs are minimal, even though the impact is huge.

Re-Marketing is essential so we will set up your entire Re-Marketing campaign for you.

We’ll take care of all the technicalities and get you connected, so your Re-Marketing adverts can appear on up to one million websites, when any of these sites are visited by people who’ve been to your website.

And that’s not all! We’ll also create six different sized banner ads for you – your own unique ads that will complete your Re-Marketing campaign.


  • Set up your Re-Marketing campaign in Google AdWords
  • Create your Re-Marketing list
  • Apply the correct settings for your Re-Marketing campaign
  • Set frequency caps for your campaign
  • Create six banner ads for your Re-Marketing campaign
  • Launch your Re-Marketing advertising campaign

STEP 10. Ongoing Online Support, Advice and Strategy

Over the years of developing Total Digital Marketing System for hundreds of different companies around the world, the most frequently asked question is ‘How do I…’

  • Follow up better?
  • Be better at converting prospects to customers?
  • Improve my website conversions?
  • Get more website visitors?
  • Get my foot in the door with large companies?

And hundreds more…

This online library of sales and marketing resources grows and grows – answering your questions, solving your marketing problems and providing inspirational solutions to your business challenges.


  • Learn the latest marketing techniques
  • ‘Relearn’ the essentials of marketing your business
  • A growing reference library for you and your team
  • Discover how to get the best out of The Complete Digital Marketing System